Blog Tour reviews

Over the past few years several blog tours have started up with the express purpose of bringing more attention to books that have a strong “Christian” slant to them. Sadly most of these cater to books produced by publishers who belong to CBA or ECPA, two affiliations that exclude based on denomination so the tour ends up being an extension of a “members only” club. No big deal but Never Ceese did tour several of these blog tours and I will now, over the course of the day and the next few days, begin pointing to some of those reviews.

Forever Richard also toured one of these blog tours but was excluded from the main one that Never Ceese toured due to a rules change. If the book isn’t published by a CBA or ECPA affiliated publisher, the book has to be looked at and a ruling has to be made to ensure that it doesn’t offend evangelical readers? Even at that I attempted to submit Forever Richard as I garnished some wonderful reviews from Never Ceese but was told that no Indie books traditionally published or not would make it through.
But yes. Do watch for those reviews for both Never Ceese and Forever Richard to be going up soon.

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