Chaser by Jon Guenther

Chaser by Jon Guenther is available for purchase now!!! Do not make me say this twice!!! Go to this page to order it. Order here!

And while you’re there order Soul Runner! And don’t forget to watch for Finding Faithe. 😉
And before anyone tries to get sassy, these books SHOULD be in every bookstore but you won’t easily find them there because small pubbed authors can’t survive the return policies set up to accommodate large publishers who use bookstores back rooms to thwart their warehousing cost which of course automatically drives their books to the top of the best-sellers list because technically ordering so many books counts as a purchase whether they’re returned or not.
Jon Guenther is one of those FINE authors whose books would never stay on the bookstore shelves should there be a logical way for him to get in bookstores without LOSING money and that’s even if his book were to sell.
*Sue takes a deep breath* Just buy the man’s books and read them. You won’t regret it. Also these books, because of Jon’s faith, will hardly offend even the most prudent of Christian readers and Soul Runner has even been approved for distribution to the Christian market. Jon would easily top CBA bestsellers list but can’t get on them because he doesn’t pay to be affiliated. But that’s their loss not yours . . . well, unless you don’t go buy and read his books. Off to order mine but I want mine autographed so I’ll be hitting Jon up!

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