And now for part 3 of my interview with the Christian Examiner.

Part 3 of my interview with Christian Examiner is now up here. Thank you Shelly Ring for giving me the time of day when so many don’t. With people like you helping get the word out, I just might swing making a living as a writer. Time will tell I suppose. 

I don’t want to mislead anyone though. Appealing to the audience CBA and ECPA affiliated publishers serve has not helped me at all. If anything, it’s made things much more difficult. I have to explain to my main audience that I don’t write for this group, that they just happen to enjoy my work otherwise general market readers won’t touch my work at all. And to top it all off, CBA market readers who do read my work can’t even find my stories where they shop because I don’t pay to be affiliated with CBA or ECPA. 

It’s slightly devasting when an author and publisher has so little control over how their work is categorized. So once again, I don’t write for the CBA or ECPA market though I love each and everyone of their readers who’ve enjoyed my work. I wouldn’t mind writing for a CBA or ECPA affilaited publisher but they have all turned me down. And since they do produce work for a very tight niche market of Christians and not all readers of faith, I dare say something would have to change before I’d accept a contract from them should one happen to fall out of the sky and hit me on the head. *Sue is so not worried about this happening she doesn’t even look up or cover her head. LOL*

But yes thank you Shelly Ring! You so rock!


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