Christian Fiction examiner interview!

So nice when those who normally only report about happenings in the affiliated market of “Christian” fiction ask me for interviews or give a review. As a writer of horror/fantasy for the general market (Christians included,) I couldn’t be more honored.

That being said, Shelly Ring is posting an ongoing interview with me on her Christian Fiction Examiner site. Do keep in mind that while anything Christian Fiction oriented is usually representative of what CBA and ECPA produce, I still do not belong to either of these affiliations. The work they produce is designed to appeal only to a very specific market of Christians and I write for the general market.
But I do “loves” having a LOT of their fans.
Thanks Shelly!!
Here’s da link!
Also my work is still not actually Christian Speculative Fiction. That’s just where many of my readers place it. It’s general market Young Adult/horror/fantasy for the most part. You don’t get short-listed for a Bram Stoker Award writing for a specific market of Christians. LOL

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