Windy Ridge Books reviews Never Ceese!

Thanks to my Orthodox Priest friend Fr. Obregon, acquaintance of Orthodox deacon Fr. Michael Hyatt (No correlation to this story really, I just like typing the title Orthodox deacon Fr. Michael Hyatt. 😉 a blogger friend of Fr. Obregon listed Never Ceese in their top three Friday finds on their blog. Afterwards, they ordered the e-book and now we have this:

I absolutely love the way they were able to pin the market even though the original category of YA horror got misconstrued along the way making one wonder why is a publisher asked to place a genre or category when anyone can change it at will. But do go take a peek when you get a chance. And no, Never Ceese is still not published by a CBA or ECPA affiliated publisher because they won’t write stories about vampires or werewolves of lore no matter how much they appeal to their core market readers. And yes I have to say this otherwise I lose readers before they even pick up the book. Most everyone understands the work affiliated publishers put out rarely if ever hit the mark of appealing to the general market reader. 😉
Hey! I can always work a rant in. No rant here though, just an honest review from a new fan. Thank you so much Windy Ridge Books.

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