New Review – Christian Speculative Fiction

Y’all stop!!! LOL Nobody knows what Christian Speculative Fiction is. Okay so let me try and explain real quick (from what I’ve been told anyway.) Christian Speculative Fiction is a genre created by ummm-well somebody, to describe work that CBA affiliated Christian houses won’t produce because they claim their “core market readers” don’t want to read such fiction. That being said, Christian Speculative Fiction won’t be showing up in larger affiliated Christian bookstores or at on-line affiliated Christian bookstores anytime soon because it all comes from non-affiliated Christian publishers. But as par for the course, since this genre seems to be sitting pretty well with affiliated readers, CBA is now calling some of their fiction Christian Speculative Fiction. You know, without adding the CBA part which distinguishes their work from every other non-affiliated Christian publisher out there.

Hey! Who created this genre anyway?

Didn’t you make rules too?

Oh well. For the record, my series now falls into more genres than I ever imagined it would. LOL

So without further ado, you may now read this grand review from another fan who post reviews for the Christian Examiner network. This is my second so far from this group. They are so wonderful!

Hugs to Shelley.

Here’s the Link!



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