A Debut Horror Novelist’s Pride and Joy!


Even now with my second book out and doing well with readers, my sequel earned not even a second glance from first line reviewers such as publishers weekly and the like (I told my publisher I felt it was a waste of time to do an arc just so these reviewers could NOT look at my work.) So instead I did what I had to do to find reviewers who were established in the horror industry to sound off on my work. The review I received from Nicholas Grabowsky author of Halloween IV and the one from W.D. Gagliani author of Wolf’s Trap and now Wolf’s Gambit, which Bill posted at Horror World.com, have got to be the two reviews I go to the most. Who wouldn’t? I recently posted a link to Mr. Gagliani’s review and will now re-post the link to Mr. Grabowski’s. You can read the review by clicking the link below.


There are also two wonderful reviews from affiliated authors Lena Nelson Dooley and New York Times best-selling author Eric Wilson if you want to google and read those. Neither of these authors write for the general market though so the reviews are slanted a bit toward their narrowly targeted audience. Still very nice reviews though. 🙂


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