Soul Runner by Jon Guenther – My Review

And now my five-star review of Soul Runner that I recently posted on Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars Look out William P. Young. Here comes Jon Guenther!, January 7, 2010
(Ridgeland, MS USA) –

I was so excited to learn about Jon Guenther and was even more excited when he volunteered to send me a copy of his book. As a new writer, I don’t have a lot of time to read though and I told Jon this. I explained that I’d read what I could in the carpool line at school. HA! I dare you to try to read this book in short spurts. I double-dog dare you. Can’t be done. No way. I found it difficult to find a place to stop reading when I eventually had to. I finally just quit reading when not-too-much was going on. For instance at one point I left two characters in a fist fight with the outcome pending simply because the alternative was to not quit reading. LOL Heart pounding action to be sure.

So wonderful to see more Christian Fiction like The Shack coming from self-published, non-affiliated Christian authors who know what they’re doing. I’m so happy CBA affiliated Moody Press dumped this book instead of publishing it, backing out of the contract at the last minute. No exclusive work here. Just good, solid, heart-thumping, action-packed fiction from a very talented author. Soul Runner will keep you reading until the very end and then begging for more.

And what do you know, there’s more coming! I can’t wait.

Added for Sue’s Blog:

Jon is calling his work Christian Fiction but it isn’t CBA Christian Fiction. It is therefore written with no particular market of Christian’s in mind actually. This also means that his work wasn’t edited for that specific market of Christians CBA was formed to create fiction for in 1950.

Also, since CBA affiliated Moody Press did break Jon’s contract, Soul Runner won’t automatically show up in exclusive affiliated bookstores such as Lifeway or Mardel’s nor will his work show up in CBA affiliated Christian bookstores such as I actually found it interesting to see Soul Runner on as being published by Moody Press early on but as par for the course, it no longer shows up because Jon isn’t CBA affiliated. I find that–interesting.

I will tell you this, if you let Soul Runner slip by because you don’t see it in these bookstores, you’ve missed out on a fantastic read!


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