2009 Pluto Award finalists and Never Ceese!

Even with the teasing *and you know who you are ;)* I’d managed not to think about the finalists being listed today for the 2009 Pluto Awards, 12-23-09, or at least I’d forgotten it enough to be shocked when I saw the three finalists. Yes. Shocked! LOL

A story surrounding the lives of a werewolf and a vampire–a finalists in an award ceremony for Sci-Fi? Now I’ll have nightmares trying to figure out how to market this little gem of a series. LOL Not to mention that this award is symbolic of what Christian readers want to see, a market whose industry won’t talk about any author coming from outside their exclusive fee-paying publishers nor will they allow their authors to mention such authors in interviews etc . . . Ah, but this isn’t the time for soapbox dancing. 😉
Never Ceese, short-listed in 2006 for a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel has moved on to be a finalist at the 2009 Pluto Awards! Lest we forget, for Richard’s sake, Forever Richard was nominated as well.
Absolutely amazing to me and thank-you to all who voted. You made my Christmas!
God Bless you everyone!

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