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I have to tell you that one of my most treasured finds while googling to see if my book was getting any kind of attention (and therefore possible sales) was when I found Never Ceese mentioned on While the site itself is slightly tongue in cheek, Never Ceese was mentioned along with books by Tolkien and other such astronomically great authors. Here’s the link if you don’t believe me. And here’s the page if your browser lets you see it. Simply scroll down to literature.

Do keep in my when those on this site say Christian vampire they are not referring to work put out by CBA or ECPA, two fee oriented organizations who lay claim to the label Christian as far as any kind of literature goes. Christian in this context refers to the fact that faith is an important part of the story. *Sue throws on brakes to get back on track*

Okay, so yes. I was extremely proud of this mention. After all, the publisher of Never Ceese is no more. I had to republish my paperback through Lightning Source to keep my Thirsting for Blood series alive. Then I’m searching the web today and come across this. Again, here’s the link for those who are browser impaired. And here’s where you can view it now. You will have to scroll down a bit but it’s worth it. Oh my is it worth it! 🙂

Okay, if you still have trouble seeing it, I’ll post it for you. *Sue grins from ear to ear*

Richard, a vampire in Sue Dent’s Christian werewolves-and-vampires novel Never Ceese needs blood to survive, but copes with it in a novel way — he tells a sob story to people on the Internet about his mother needing blood transfusions and gets donations to live on. He still occasionally craves blood from a living animal, but can cool his urges by draining blood from livestock. One of the biggest weaknesses of vampires focused on in the book is that vampirism is a “curse” that prevents a vampire from interacting with, speaking of, or even thinking of anything holy — not just crosses, but Bible verses, God himself, churches, etc. Richard, with help of a mentor, can fight against it enough that he can manage to quote John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world…”), but still has to go through quite a bit of pain to do it.

Did you notice this line? “a vampire in Sue Dent’s Christian werewolves-and-vampires novel”

Just keep in mind that this doesn’t meant CBA affiliation. I’ve not sold out. This book is written for the general market and not a closed market of specific Christian readers.

My series is what it is! And it don’t get any better than that! Check out my Thirsting for Blood Series. You might actually be glad you did! 🙂


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