Barnes & Noble Metairie

3721 Veterans Boulevard
Metairie, LA 70002

Okay. So you want to help me out? Of course you do. As you know, or should know after reading my blogs, no smaller than larger press author has a chance in a brick and mortar bookstore. Sure, if they’re with a legitimate traditional small press they can get in (because of the coveted distribution deal) but no bookstore will automatically order a few copies and of course no small author WANTS THEM TO because if they did and the books didn’t sell they’d simply come back to the publisher who’d then have to pay for returns and probably never actually get the book back. SOOOOOOOO, I’m always hesitant to call larger bookstores to ask them to put a few of my books on the shelf because I don’t want to cost my publisher money (you know, in case they don’t sale during that very short time they’re on the shelf because books from small presses are pulled like one week later (how stupid!))

Barnes & Noble in Metairie has ordered 10 copies of Forever Richard and 5 of Never Ceese the paperback. I asked them to do this since I’ll be in town October 25th at Vamp Fest. Of course they obliged because there’s no problem getting the books after all. However, I’m not so optimistic. If no one buys the books they will come back to me, as is the case with Never Ceese or go back to my publisher as is the case with Forever Richard. We will have to eat books which will ultimately be destroyed if they are even in a shape worthy of being destroyed. Bookstores don’t generally care how returns get sent back or what shape they’re in. After all, they don’t have to pay anything. Wonderful how the publishing industry works isn’t it?

If you buy the book and bring it with you to the paranormal literary panel I’ll be moderating at Vamp Fest on October 25th, I’ll be more than happy to sign. 🙂

Do send all your friends in the area over to buy both books if this is their genre. I don’t want to think of them being destroyed because I was too optimistic.

I’ve also contacted the Lifeway in the area to see if they’d order a few copies so my CBA and ECPA readers could support their stores. I just sent the email as the manager suggested I do with the associated ISBN numbers. I’m not expecting anything to come of this but it never hurts to ask . . . again. 🙂

As for my local folk, my publisher has probably already eaten the 10 copies of Forever Richard my local Books-A-Million ordered because I forgot to mention they were there. If not, run by and pick up a copy. Also the Ridgeland Barnes & Noble has copies of Forever Richard and probably hard copies of Never Ceese though I asked them to pull these. They’re supposed to have the paperback of Never Ceese but I’ve not been there to check. Of course they can order it. I don’t like to push going to my local B&N though as they still owe me and another author money for a booksigning. Seems like they could get that together.

There’s also a wonderful Mom and Pop store here in Ridgeland that carries both Forever Richard and Never Ceese and if they run out, they call me and I take them more AND they’re signed or at least can be. 🙂 That would be The Book Shelve on Highway 51. Absolutely any local store can order either book if they don’t have them with the exception of Lifeway or Family Christian or any other large Christian bookstore but you already knew that. 🙂

But that’s how it works folks so run over to Metairie and buy those books up.


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