As you know, because my first publisher went under, I had to re-publish my self-published paperback. The smarter move would’ve been to give/sell my second publisher the rights to my originally self-published version of Never Ceese so that I could get the distribution they offer without the POD stigma but Journey Stone refused to return hardback rights until they sold all of the stolen books they kept before selling all their stock to a liquidator. (Sorry. Too bothersome to get a lawyer. I have enough to deal with as it is.)

Of course the hard back rights have little to do with my self-published paperback so it would still seem prudent to re-publish Never Ceese with my new publisher (again for the distribution and no POD stigma)but most publishers frown on re-publishing anything. I will say however, The Writers’ Cafe Press was more than willing but was extremely concerned about having their companies name associated in any way with Journey Stone Creations.

So yes. Thank-you for supporting my efforts by purchasing the paperback when you can and by purchasing the liquidated copies of Never Ceese the hardback and not the ones for sell through Amazon by Amazon as those are the ones Journey Stone is providing.

Do know that because Never Ceese, the paperback is re-published through Lightning Source, the POD stigma is soundly in place and despite being short listed for a Bram Stoker award and going through the motions of being traditionally published originally, you will have to ask for it and most likely won’t find it on the shelves of general market bookstores. They can get it though so do order. 🙂

As far as how to help matters on the Christian publishing front, just keep in mind that the Christian Booksellers Association and affiliated stores, publishers, authors, blogs, book tours etc . . exclude (according to on their very targeted and specific market and for the most part do not support non-affiliated Christian authors. It’s a hard pill to swallow if you consider that each time an affiliated book sells, more money goes into an organization that categorically denies the merit, quality and purpose of every non-affiliated, non-fee paying Christian publisher/author out there.

But their readers are awesome and I’m happy to have many of them as my fans. 🙂

I do thank each and every one of you for your support. 😉


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