Okay. I won’t be touring Lifeway. :)

Okay. I won’t be touring Lifeway, or Mardel’s or Northwestern or Family Christian or any other large Christian bookstore and neither will any other Christian author whose publisher doesn’t pay the Christian Booksellers Association the required fee to get into these stores. After all, that’s what the fee is for. That and they have to follow writing conventions and a very targeted agenda. ๐Ÿ™‚

Even big mainstream authors (who are Christian and appeal to all audiences including CBA’s) who could care less about getting into larger Christian bookstores can’t get in because most are published by mainstream houses who aren’t affiliated (even though they do have imprints that are affiliated.)
Fair enough I suppose.
It is a head scratching situation though. Affiliated publishers can flood general market bookstores with their author’s targeted work and started doing so the second Ingram, one of the top distributors in the world bought CBA’s official distributor Spring Arbor from CBA. Smart move on CBA’s part I’d say. They can now offer affiliated publishers the opportunity to get their very targeted fiction into general market bookstores AND offer them exclusive rights to be in Christian Bookstores.
Makes an author almost want to get hooked up with an affiliated publisher doesn’t it? I know I looked until I realized I’d have to compromise my writing to the nth degree so that it only appealed to their very targeted market. YIKES!
So I’ll be setting up things here and there with other authors of faith most likely at general market bookstores. ๐Ÿ™‚
Hope to see you there.
And yes, the larger Christian Booksellers such as Christianbooks.com operate the same way. No non-affiliated authors. What a shame.
Also most smaller Christian Bookstores being choked out by the larger ones DO allow non-affiliated Christian authors in. They just can’t seem to get a foothold. Maybe ya’ll could help them.

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