CBA affiliated houses offering co-publishing?

*warning. This is for my author friends. Don’t read if you don’t want to see something about the publishing industry* 🙂

First of all, let’s define Co-publishing. Everything I’ve ever read about it, after being offered a deal like this from my first publishers was, don’t do it. Stay away from it. Any publisher that offers this is not a traditional publisher and you’ll not get the perks that come with being traditionally published PLUS you’ll have to pay! (BTW my first publisher recanted after I shared what I learned and said they just always mention this first because it’s less expensive for them. Then they had to remove this wording completely or wouldn’t list them as the traditional publisher that they were but no longer are.)
This advice even came to me from my first editor who knows the “b’ness” BTW. Turns out she was right. I did further research myself to find that in fact, co-publishing is not that different than vanity press.
Why then would any traditional publisher offer this as an option? I would have to say that they see authors paying for such ventures and they need money too. Honestly though, I’m not aware of any general market publishers wading into the murky waters of co-publishing however it has been brought to my attention that several CBA affiliated publishers are. So look out! Be aware! These are desperate times and it seems it calls for desperate measures.
Co-publishing/vanity press is not the desired or recommended way to get published I don’t care how big the publisher offering this option is. It’s not fixing the problem but if you want to give these publishers your money, that’s your prerogative. I personally don’t have that kind of money to waste.
If you’d like the name of one affiliated publisher who is offering this, let me know and I’ll share. Otherwise, just read the submission guidelines. If the words co-publishing are mentioned or you pay us x amount or this is better than traditional publishing, remove your hands from your computer keyboard, raise them in the air, get up and run away screaming.
Also, I know of several general market houses that have their own POD and self-publishing entities but none that offer co-publishing as far as I know. *gasp* If anyone else is aware of a general market publisher like Random House or Harper Collins doing this, I’d love to hear about it even though it would only make me wonder what the publishing world is coming to or has come to.

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