Jon Guenther – Soul Runner

Let the Adventure Begin.
The year is 1988. As a former Hasidic Jew raised in the Bronx, Dr. Bram Aronsfeld is no stranger to trouble.

Now the secret organization known as ARK is sending him into Communist-controlled Romania to rescue the beautiful Ileana Tarus, a Christian Gypsy woman who possesses information vital to ARK’s intelligence operations. Spearheading the subjugation of her people is the evil Drago Profis, a despot backed by the current regime.

When Bram realizes it’s not just Ileana but her whole village that need rescuing, the two will embark on a perilous adventure from which only their foolhardy courage and Almighty God can save them all!

ISBN-10: 1-448-68670-9
ISBN/EAN-13: 978-1-44868-670-4
Pages: 252
Genre: Fiction / Action-Adventure
Publication Date: September 1, 2009

About Jon Guenther:

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Jon Guenther wrote as a hobby until enlisting in the U.S. Army right out of high school. After completing military service, he took a number of odd jobs before embarking on a career as a firefighter and paramedic. Jon spent eight years in the emergency medical services field but slowly burned out on the long hours, low pay and time spent away from social activities.

In 2000, he left EMS and took a job as a computer help desk technician while attending college for a Bachelors of Science in information technology. He has served in that profession ever since and held positions as a software tester, technical writer, chief information officer, Web programmer and systems administrator.

His latest book, Soul Runner: A Novel of High Adventure, was under contract with a publisher but became the victim of the economic downturn. Jon then announced his plans to go forward with self-publication on his blog. The book is slated for release in September 2009.

Jon Guenther’s background research on the topics of military tactics and anti-terrorism, coupled with his expertise in firearms and martial arts, lends authenticity to his action thrillers. He makes his home on a high desert ranch outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Follow up by Sue:
I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to cough up some authors of faith (for lack of a better label and excluding big names like John Grisham, Tolkien, etc . . .) who aren’t affiliated with CBA or ECPA but appeal to this audience none-the-less. Honestly, I didn’t expect them to fall out of the sky and hit me on the head but this one did. Go to Jon’s website at and check out his credentials. On a most interesting note, his latest book Soul Runner actually drew interest from one of the founding publishers of CBA (Christian Booksellers Association,) Moody Press. The deal was nearly done when Moody suddenly backed out stating among other things that the story wasn’t plausible. Of course this means it wasn’t plausible for their very narrow and targeted market and so they backed out of the contract. Interestingly, Soul Runner shows up as being available through larger Christian bookstores because Moody had already started the promotional wheels a-turning. Rest assured, however, this non-affiliated and now self-published book will not be available through larger Christian Bookstores although I’ve heard that Mr. Guenther may have something going with Family Christian nationwide.

How cool would that be!

Family Christian however, seems to have been walking the affiliated line a little more carefully ever since Harper Collins picked up Zondervan. Zondervan used to own Family Christian stores and customers, after the takeover were concerned that Family Christian would carry Zondervan books now that Random House had bought them up (Zondervan stayed affiliated btw.) Would Family Christian carry books from a publisher owned by a company who also printed the Satanic Bible? At least some of the customers wanted to know and they raised a big stink about it. Yes life in the affiliated world can be tough I guess.

Do go check out Jon Guenther’s site and while you’re there you might glance over and read his blog . . . hmmmm . . . .


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