Christian Manifesto?

*****Nuther UPDATE*****
Mr. Jake Chism did the work for me and found the links. How’s that for cool!

Part 1

Part 2

Jake rocks!

See comment from C.E. Moore to this post for “importante informacion!” The mysterious disappearance of my interview at The Christian Manifesto isn’t that at all. It seems they simply moved. I just didn’t get the change of address notice. LOL I’m off to get it now and will repost the link to my interview if it was moved as well. Of course it was moved. Why would they not include my interview in the move. *Sue looks around paranoid starts gnawing on fingernails* They wouldn’t not move my interview, would they?

Earlier this year I did a wonderful two part interview with the Christian Manifesto. I even linked to it of course so others could learn more about my books etc . . . Don’t know what happened, but the blog is gone!!! Poof! Vanished into thin are. Maybe they just moved the interview and renamed the blog. I’ll see if I can find out. That was a really good interview too. Oh well, se la vi.


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