. . .’cause you gotta have sales[friends!]

Just a quick note to state the obvious. 🙂 Lots of venues selling both Never Ceese the paperback and Forever Richard. Don’t forget, authors published by smaller presses have to work twice as hard to get their books noticed and we don’t have the revenue to keep at it for long so it is up to you.

Also keep in mind, that while I should have the added benefit of being able to show up in bookstores, on-line and otherwise, where my CBA Christian readers shop, since both of my books are distributed through Spring Arbor, this won’t happen.

Larger Christian bookstores nor their larger on-line counterparts carry non-affiliated work. They are and always have been primarily exclusive to work put out by fee-paying affiliated publishers. Most smaller Christian bookstores don’t operate like this but neither do they make a big difference in sales. BTW, that’s just here in the US too. I’ve had absolutely no trouble getting into Christian bookstores outside the US. They simply saw the book was distributed through Spring Arbor and listed it. 🙂

Buy those books!


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