Christian Vampires again?

Christian Vampires? Recently, a larger CBA affiliated publisher, (meaning one of those narrowly targeted Christian publishers owned and operating under the umbrella of a larger general market house (not secular as there’s no such thing) such as Random House etc . . .) announced the release of a Christian thriller vampire type story thingy. Honestly, it was about that messed up the way they tried to work the word vampire in there (because as we all know, that’s what you have to write about now to get a reader’s attention ever since Twilight made such a ginormous splash.)

*See, I get to slide by because my series actually came out BEFORE all the Twilight hoopla and fanfare (well-deserved fanfare and hoopla I might add. :)*

So this book, (not the first for CBA as affiliated publishers have put out at least two other novels that fall under the very sketchy description above,) is supposed to appeal to the general market the way Twilight did or Dracula or Buffy or every other vampire novel in existence?
Why would you think that? Do you not read my blogs?
No it isn’t for general market readers. It is my understanding that affiliated editors even edited out the vampire like thingy having fangs. Sorry but I’ve a difficult time picturing my vampire without fangs!! *perish the thought* Wouldn’t that be like a fish without fins? Other than that, this is from one of the very CBA houses (and one of the many) who told me that no affiliated publisher would ever produce fiction about vampires (of lore of course since it’s clear you can call anything you want a vampire and get away with it until you’re found out.) You might wonder why an affiliated publisher might offer this information to me since I don’t write for an affiliated house. Because I sought to be published by an affiliated house when my work began to be enjoyed by their readers and before I understood they had writing conventions and rules to protect their narrow market readers. Rules and conventions that prevent general market readers from enjoying the work for the most part. 🙂
I’d mention the book’s name so you can go check it out for yourself but neither one of my books are ever listed when similar titles are shown with this books advertisement. So there ya go. Of course, I’m not affiliated and only affiliated books are talked about in conjunction with each other. As one best-selling affiliated author told me once, we can’t all talk about you, Sue. Fair enough. 🙂


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