Always looking for that agent-NOT.

I suppose I’m always looking for that agent. And if I’m not, my friends are looking for me. Honestly, after all my Thirsting for Blood series has done, it seemed to me that finding an agent might actually be a little easier. Pardon me while I laugh myself senseless. An author friend sent me an e-mail the other day. They now have an agent. They think I should contact them and let them know I might be interested. Sure. Why not? So I did. I get an automated response that says the agent is away until September 1st, 2009. They will be sparadoically checking e-mail. Yesterday I get a response.

Dear Sue,
Sorry but I am not the right agent for your work.
Best of luck,

Please stop telling me agents are interested. LOL I stopped going to them because they’re never interested. Ah, but what a nice reminder of what automated rejection feels like. 🙂


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