The question of the day it seems.

The question of the day it seems would be to define Christian Fiction. Understandably the answer should be simple. There are many definitions depending on one’s beliefs and most everyone I know, before my book was published, concurred that Christian fiction was, for the most part, fiction that was non-offensive to Christians in general with Christians encompassing many different groups of believers. I now know as far as publishing goes here in the good old US, that ain’t so. You can click here to read more.

Also, since there is such a huge difference here in the US and the label Christian Fiction is actually used to define very narrowly targeted work, you might want to pay attention when purchasing books labeled as such (or rather books published by affiliated publishers who pay for the status of affiliated.) I’ve tried to stop using the label when referring to my work even though I don’t think I should have to. But I don’t want to confuse readers or support a market with my success because of labeling or branding confusion. I don’t pay to be affiliated with the industry that claims this label and they don’t recognize me even though I have many of their readers. Do I care? Not really. I’d just like to be able to use the label Christian without having to be associated with a particular market I don’t write for. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

So for the record, I write horror with a little fantasy thrown in a lot of good storytelling. I write for the general market (Christians included) and both of my books so far have been approved for distribution to the Christian market. I enjoy each and everyone of my targeted readers as much as I enjoy any of my fans. 😉

Read my stories and you’re bound to enjoy them. Don’t read my work and you’ll likely miss out on some good story-telling. I would hope you choose the first option.

Also do note that because of label confusion many affiliated publishers are tagging onto the success I’ve had appealing to their market even though they’ve yet to return the favor. There are several affiliated books out there now that claim to be like mine (without mentioning mine.) They aren’t. Affiliated publishers won’t let their authors write anything but targeted fiction that doesn’t appeal to the general market. Just don’t want ya’ll to be caught up short. 😉

Stay real and stay true.


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