What’s new with Sue!

There are a few things coming up on the calender that I want to make sure you don’t miss.

First off, my publisher, The Writers’Cafe Press, has arranged for Forever Richard to tour a Christian Blog tour called FIRST on September 11th. Unlike most Christian Fiction blog tours, this one will review books that aren’t targeted to a particular Christian audience. Do understand however, that while non-affiliated books are welcome, most bloggers aren’t used to reading non-targeted Christian work and they certainly aren’t used to reading about vampires and werewolves of lore as affiliated publishers won’t broach the subject at all. (Can you say, The Shack? Overall, based on reviews, affiliated readers ripped this self-published book to shreds once affiliated book stores allowed it in despite it not coming through an affiliated publisher. Yikes! *Sue bites nails nervously*) It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Never Ceese toured FIRST earlier this year and the reviews were for the most part wonderful. I look forward to a good tour this time around but just wanted to let you know it was coming up.

Secondly, a wonderful book club called the Open Book Society has opted to review/discuss my Thirsting for Blood Series and will make Never Ceese their book choice for the month of October. This I am really looking forward to as I absolutely love hearing from my vampire/werewolf readers. =)


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