Christian Horror – An oxymoron? Definitely.

Applying the label Christian to something in the literary world here in the US has become a bit of a challenge. With two very successful originazations grabbing onto the label and using it to brand the very narrowly targeted fiction they put out, every author of faith not writing targeted fiction is left out in the cold. We have to use phrases like, I’m an author who is a Christian but my work isn’t technically Christian fiction because I don’t have an affiliated author and don’t want to compromise my writing to fit strict writing conventions that will make my work unenjoyable to the general market Christian reader. Quite a mouthful isn’t it.

And now we have these same affiliated publishers tacking the label Christian Horror onto the work of some affiliated authors.

For the record, there is a TON of horror out there written by grand Christian authors and we’d love to make it easier for you to find our work by possibly calling it Christian horror but we can’t or we’re thrown in with a group of writers that have very limited market appeal. I’m not so sure I like the fact that two associations are able to grab a label that certainly defines a wide variety of faiths to define their narrowly targeted work but apparently no one cares what I think. đŸ˜‰

You’ll see my work listed often as Christian fiction or Christian Horror. It is not by my hand though. Neither one of my publishers are affiliated and though I appeal to this wonderful market, I do so without meeting the rigid, strict, writing conventions that plague this market.

Watch this blog for an e-mail from a writer who says I’m her inspiration. And she hasn’t even read my books yet. Actually this would be e-mail number two and I suspect there are a lot of other authors out there who wonder how in the world a horror writer can write something that appeals to the general market AND a very narrowly targeted audience of Christians as well. Gotta love it!


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