UK Borders stores get it right. US Borders stores can’t compete.

Checked the listing for Forever Ricahrd on here in the U.S. The book cover they have was never entered by my publisher, it’s listed under Christian Fiction which is also inaccurate and they show it not available in stores.

Checked the UK Borders on-line site here and they have the accurate cover as listed by my publisher, the correct category horror and ghost stories and I’d not be surprised if it weren’t in stock in some of their stores.

And on both books including the paperback version of Never Ceese free delivery to your local store. The US Borders on-line store doesn’t even list Never Ceese the paperback and has no image for the hardback which they show as backordered. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Just more proof that the US publishing world is totally screwed up. Aw, but ya’ll already knew that.


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