Christian Vampires?

Update, just in case you’re keeping score. Another publisher who writes for that very targeted audience of Christians who, according to their publishers, don’t want to read about vammpires and werewolves of lore, is attempting to get those readers’ attention once more. No problem really except they’re calling it a Christian vampire novel. Good news is that this time at least they’re stating that it isn’t the kind of vampire that anyone but their targeted audience will like (they hope.)

But as usual, those reporting on the matter don’t really distinguish that this is a targeted audience thus eluding that there are no good vampire/werewolf/zombie or just plain horror books out there written by Christians that appeal to Christians as well as everyone else.

Do know that this isn’t true or you can find out for yourself and read my work or Kim Paffenroth’s work or a gazillion other horror writers whose faith temper what they write.

Sue Dent


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