Never Ceese – The other Christian Fiction

So to keep things straight, my work has been labeled Christian Fiction by my publisher because a. I’m a Christian and b. I write fiction/horror/fantasy. I do NOT write for a narrowly targeted market and my vampires do have fangs and act like your typical vampires of lore for the most part! No sparkling vampires but I think that’s been done already and quite well at that. 🙂 Also my werewolves prefer to speak in third-person if that means anything. 😉

I would now like to share my latest review or rather words of encouragement from my latest reader:

Dear Sue,

I had to write to you! I just finished Never Ceese and I want to tell you, well done!! I love a book that doesn’t let me stop reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters, it flowed so easily….great job. I really got a kick out of Rodney! The dialogue was wonderful…I busted up a few times.

I am so ready for Forever Richard!! gotta wait for next paycheck but consider another copy sold!!
God bless you girl!!

Sister Sonlight

Love y’all!
Sue Dent


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