Never Ceese and Forever Richard both for $20.00

Say it ain’t so! Yes, I’m offering both Never Ceese (paperback) and Forever Richard for a limited time for $20.00 with free shipping in the U.S. and both can be autographed.

So to get your hands on the first two books in my Thirsting for Blood series, the first vampire/werewolf series to ever appeal to general market readers as well as to that narrowly targeted market of Christians CBA and ECPA affiliated publishers serve, click HERE now!

Keep in mind that presently you can’t find these in the larger Christian bookstores on-line or otherwise even though both books have been approved for distribution to this market and they will make you pay shipping. Here’s one way around that and you’ll be supporting me and perhaps then I can afford to keep writing.:)Hopefully you enjoy my writing and that point won’t backfire on me. LOL

Anyway, thanks for all y’all’s support.

I do have some hardback copies left and will be offering a smashing deal on them soon. Watch for that!

Get the book that affiliated Christian publishers choose to ignore much the way they ignored The Shack until they couldn’t ignore it any longer.


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