Forever Richard – "Sold Out"

Well, it ain’t like I didn’t warn you. But lucky for you it’s only sold out at various sites I check regularly who’ve had Forever Richard marked as high risk for sell out for some time. However, at last check, Spring Arbor/Ingram is showing Forever Richard as sold out as well. Of course, that’s not all that major since none of the larger Christian Book Stores carry my books anyway, in spite of being available for them to carry, and why would I encourage anyone to buy from them when they make YOU the customer pay the shipping (at least when the book isn’t through one of their official CBA/ECPA houses or until they re-approve it for their specific targeted market.)

But those wonderfully truly non-denominational Christian Book Stores are making up for what the larger Christian Book Stores won’t do, so that’s great. 🙂 Yay!

But if you’re tired of narrowly targeted fiction/fantasy marketed as horror and put out as something that might appeal to the general market reader when in fact it doesn’t, I offer you something very different and refreshingly wonderful. But don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself, if you can get of Forever Richard that is. HA!

Horror/Fantasy in every sense of the word, drawing fans from both the general market (which btw, encompasses the larger Christian market) as well as many readers who are looking but not finding such work coming out of CBA/ECPA affiliated houses. 😉


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