Never Ceese paperback outselling hardback!

As you should know by now, I re-published my paperback version of Never Ceese ISBN 9780976994701, after Journey Stone Creations, without any word to me, sold all copies of Never Ceese to a liquidator keeping some they owed me to sale for their own profit.

Republishing my paperback was the only way I stood to make any money off of Never Ceese. Thank-you to all of you who understand this and are buying the paperback instead. As a nice added bonus, Never Ceese the paperback has been approved for distribution through Spring Arbor meaning my Independent Christian Book Store friends can get it if you ask and, unlike the larger (denominational) bookstores, won’t charge you shipping and WILL actually put it in their stores.

For the first time since I’ve been paying attention, Never Ceese the paperback is outselling the Hardback. Yayness. I might be able to keep writing after all.

Also, for any Christian bookstore (except for the larger ones)wanting a bulk discount, you may contact me directly and I’ll gladly work something out. I understand how tough a time you Independent Christian Book Stores are having making readers understand that you are in fact very different than the denominational bookstores that do not carry fiction for anyone except their narrow market of visitors.


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