What a messed up market!

I have to say I was more than pleased when readers who identified themselves as Christians began reading and loving my vampire/werewolf series. Of course I immediately sought to get in venues where they shopped both on-line and brick and mortar. How hard could it be when your publisher has distribution through all the major distributors.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong and I’ll not bore you by rehashing through the mess that has become the Christian market thanks today, thanks primarily to two groups who do everything but identify the narrowly targeted market of Christians they serve.

You say it doesn’t hurt if they don’t? It does if you’re an author who appeals to that market. I recently asked to have my debut novel reviewed for a chance to go on what appeared to be a Christian Book blog for Young Adults. You know, because my series is young adult and has been approved for distribution to the Christian market whether the stores choose to carry it or not. Since I’ve lived and learned and since the books previously reviewed were CBA/ECPA affiliated I made sure to ask the reviewer if they felt they could review a non-affiliated Christian book without bias. They said yes. The result was maddeningly dissappointing. The reviewer didn’t recommend or list my book on their blog in spite of giving it four stars saying that the book had mild swearing and said so in her review. The reviewer even went on to say how they wished they could recommend it but that her every move was being watched by parents!

*Sue shaking head back and forth* So yeah, if you’re looking for help promoting your book to your Christian readers and aren’t affiliated with CBA or ECPA or some other publisher who targets that narrow audience of Christians that visit the larger (denomonational)Christian bookstores . . . forget about it. In the long run, it isn’t worth it.

You Independent Christian Bookstores ROCK though!!!


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