Discount for my Christian readers.

Since I just learned today that the larger Christian Bookstores will only order my book if a customer asks for it and then only have it shipped to that customers address making the customer pay shipping, I decided to take a stand.

My stand would be to tell you to please not order Never Ceese the paperback or Forever Richard through any of the larger Christian Booksellers. Save yourself a bundle by ordering on-line through any other venue. There are a host of true Christian websites selling both books at a very reasonable cost and of course, all general market booksellers.

Also, should on-line sales continue as they are going, and larger Christian Booksellers decide it might be worth the money to carry my book after all, please continue to buy my books anywhere else. There are sooooo many smaller Christian brick and mortar stores carrying fiction books to appeal to all Christians and not just a very narrow market. Support these stores if you prefer to keep your money supporting Christian businesses.

Just don’t want any of my readers to get burned and if some are buying through the larger Christian booksellers, they are in fact not getting a good deal at all.


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