7-31-09 Changed Hearts Christian Bookstore

Yes, I have a local Christian Bookstore right up the street here in Jackson, Mississippi but you’ll have to go to Changed Hearts Creations in Lucedale, Mississippi to find me signing. A true Christian Bookstore serving all Christian faiths.

Though both my books have been deemed socially acceptable for the Christian Market and therefore distributable by Spring Arbor, none of the larger Christian Bookstores will carry it. They can only order it for you and send it to your house and you will have to pay shipping. How nice! So please don’t frequent these stores if you’re not looking for narrowly targeted and usually quite overt fiction specific to the very conservative audience that visit the larger Christian Bookstores.

Come instead to venues like Changed Hearts who can and will carry books like mine (books that appeal to a wide variety of Christian readers, including general market readers) all day long without question. My paperback version of Never Ceese will be available along with Forever Richard of course. So unless something changes, here’s the “deets”:

Changed Hearts Christian Bookstore
Lucedale, Mississippi
11:00 until whenever y’all get sick of me. 🙂

BTW, my local Lifeway can’t even offer me a local signing because Michael Robbins, their bookbuyer, sees no reason to add a book already approved by Spring Arbor to LIfeway’s system because I guess he just doesn’t want to take the time to look at it and approve it himself for their stores. Who knows.

*In case you didn’t know it, all the larger Christian Bookstores only carry fiction specific to a very narrow market. They just don’t say it.*

So see you guys in Lucedale. I’ll be off to the beach next. Follow me down and we’ll have a grand time. 🙂


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