First review of Never Ceese!

If I remember correctly, this is the first review but I could be wrong. Keep in mind when Clint speaks of Christian Fiction and what is needed to classify a work as such, he’s not referring to Christian Fiction put out by publishers who pay to be affiliated with either the Christian Booksellers Association or the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. He’s talking about Christian Fiction as most everyone views it. This is very important to keep in mind since both CBA and ECPA use this label to identify their narrowly targeted Christian Fiction. There’s seems to be so much confusion out there about this, I just like to make sure and clarify when I can. 😉

Okay, read on. 🙂

Clint Smith
Author/Former State Legislator
Military Historian/Film Historian

Vampire and werewolf myths go back generations and have captured the fancy of many a culture. Classic books of the late nineteenth century and cinema renditions of the legendary creatures from the early days of Hollywood have played a role in shaping our imaginations. People are attracted to the mysterious icons of horror and fear. But why are vampires and werewolves so popular? Could it be our ability to relate to them? These poor creatures walk amongst us, interacting, embracing and engaging in most any setting -as long as it takes place under the cover of darkness. And most readers probably believe that the story lines have all been exhausted. But along comes Sue Dent’s provocative, bittersweet and unpredictable novel, Never Ceese. It takes the two classic monster legends and incorporates them into the Christian fiction genre in a way that both entertains and witnesses to the glory of God. The plot grabs your interest immediately and takes you on a thrill ride. Darkness and evil are important ingredients of the story. But the story is spiced with enough humor to lighten the mood at appropriate times. And yet the spiritual themes so essential to Christian fiction are interwoven with a fascinatingly dramatic style. Adults and teens alike will be captivated by Never Ceese. Sue Dent hails from Mississippi, a state steeped in the heritage of literary giants who would all tip their hats, curtsy or raise a toast to their native daughter’s tale. It successfully crosses the fantasy, horror and Christian fiction genres. Dent imparts spiritual themes in a provocative and thought-provoking manner. Bram Stoker, Anne Rice . . . . They’ve got nothing on Sue Dent! The author’s fans appreciate her ability to weave a plot that captures your heart, stirs your emotions, and leaves you yearning for more. Good news readers! A sequel is in the works – ‘Forever Richard’.


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