Jackson Free Press Review of Never Ceese

The Jackson Free Press is a local paper here in Jackson. Here is Lynette Hanson’s review of Never Ceese.

Never Ceese – Paperback
ISBN: 9780976994701
by Lynette Hanson

April 19, 2006

In her first novel, Jacksonian Sue Dent paints a vivid picture of the trials and tribulations of family life and love. But you shouldn’t think that “Never Ceese” (Journey Stone Creations, 2006, $12.99) details a life like the one lived by Beaver Cleaver: Dent populates this book she calls a spiritual fantasy with other-worldly characters.

I, for one, never thought before to try this style of novel since I lean toward mysteries and Southerners who write about the South, but I found Dent’s tale of determination one I couldn’t put down. It gave me pause to read of Richard’s drinking blood he had warmed a bit in the microwave, blood he’s gleaned from sources found on his computer. Right away, I realized that Dent’s two main characters, Richard the vampire and Ceese the werewolf, break the stereotypical movie mold for these creatures. Getting inside their heads and learning what makes them tick is just one reward you’ll receive in reading “Never Ceese.”


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