Horror World review of Never Ceese

This is a very close second to the review given by Nicholas Grabowsky. W.D. Gagliani, author of Wolf’s Trap, is also a very well respected Horror writer. Do check him out. To see the review in its entirety please go to Horror World.org and scroll down.

S D Enterprisess
ISBN: 9780976994701
Review by W.D. Gagliani

When you hear the term “Christian horror” it’s likely you’ll think of the Left Behind series first, even though its readers probably don’t think of it as horror. But slowly, there appears to be a subgenre unfolding, coming to terms with the inherent contradictions of the term Christian horror and finding that (like “Christian rock” or “Christian metal”) shades of light and dark can be used to impart a moral with or without overt bloodshed . . . The book’s publicity states: “Can two who were wronged make it right?” Herein lies one of its charming twists. Ceese and Richard hate each other on sight, and rub each other the wrong way no matter what they do. But Penelope coerces them into tolerating each other by using their love for her. The result is amusing. You might say, “Can a persnickety vampire and an uncouth werewolf share a Welsh castle without driving each other crazy?” (Cue pipe organ version of The Odd Couple theme.) . . . Older readers may wonder why Richard and Ceese don’t utilize more of their powers against their enemies, but it’s clearly done to de-emphasize the dark natures of the monsters in order to increase their humanity . . . The straightforward prose, vivid action and moral crises of the rather chaste versions of our favorite so-called monsters will enthrall audiences who want less darkness in their horror. Those of us who may be somewhat jaded will find it mild, but may still appreciate the monsters’ heroic efforts and the author’s crisp storytelling.


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