Small press author gets big time praise!

Of course that’s my perspective but you be the judge. Here’s a message left for me on Shoutlife, a social network I belong to:

Hi Sue,
I’m at work but I had to stop and write to you. A woman just came into the library to return two “House of Night” books and Forever Richard. She said Forever Richard was far better than the House of Night books and wants to know when your next book will be out.

That’s one for the small press authors!

So when is your next book coming out? This lady really, really wanted to know.

I’m glad I made your day. I love it when someone picks up a small press book and discovers a new favorite author. There is a great potential audience out there.


And here’s an entry left on a forum at, a forum that author Kate Douglas started for readers to leave names of books that they found cherishable. Here’s the irony. Kate Douglas actually contacted me once to see if we might be related because of a last name we shared. We couldn’t prove it one way or the other but then this reader leaves this comment on her forum and Kate remembered me. But now for the comment:

“My book shelves are ridiculously stuffed. I don’t just own books, I possess them. I don’t buy books, I collect them! It is a really good thing that I’m not rich! Although library book sales are my bane.
My favorite ever, as in I’ve read eight, nine, times, is Tahn by L.A. Kelly. If ever I’m feeling depressed that book manages to make a showing for a light skimming, and sometimes more. The sequel, Return to Alastair, is nearly as wonderful as the first, but I don’t think any book can quite achieve that.
But Tahn isn’t the only one. I just got Never Ceese by Sue Dent for my birthday. I was so excited. I love that book! It is so hilarious! If you ever need to laugh, that is the book. And on days that I’m feeling overwhelmed, I immediately go for the paranormal or fantasy, something that is intense and completely not like my life. I’m all into distraction. Something like Patricia Briggs. Ooh, her books are amazing.”

Yep, this is a good sign of how my Thirsting for Blood series is doing with general market readers. It continues to do extremly well with readers from that specific market of Christians CBA and ECPA serve as well as they are hungry for good fiction that doesn’t offend. On that note I’d like to remind that while readers of that specific market are very accepting, their publishers and those that do blog tours and blogs for their very targeted fiction aren’t. I submitted Never Ceese to one blog that claimed to review and list books for the Young Adult Christian market. I asked specifically if these books would be judged against the narrow standards that have come to plague this market. The owner of the blog said no yet now refuses to recommend my book to young adults based on language. Nope. There is no problem with language used in my books for young adults. That’s why it’s marketed as young adult. I’ve had fourth graders read and enjoy these books with their parents permission. These books have been deemed and approved as “socially acceptable” to the Christian market which means distribution to CBA and ECPA bookstores (even though no non-affiliated author can get in.)

So there ya go. Onward and upward. It’s going to be up to you readers for this small press author to get anywhere fast and THANK YA’LL SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

Love ya’ll.
Sue Dent


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