Christian readers – bottle-fed targeted fiction since 1950

Christian readers have, for the most part anyway, been bottle-fed fiction since 1950 when a group of Christian retailers banded together to form the Christian Booksellers Association to provide narrowly targeted fiction to Christian bookstore visitors, so targeted that they didn’t even offer it for distribution into larger bookstores. Why would they? The fiction was for Christian Bookstore visitors only, evangelicals as stated at and never intended to be placed on general bookstore shelves.

Christian authors who write and have been writing for the broader general market for years often find themselves at the mercy of some very odd reviews from CBA and ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association)core market readers who are now accidentally or on purpose, picking up these books to read. While most are gracious and give relatively high marks, the comments can’t help but reflect these readers limited exposure to general market work.

Since reviews are supposed to help a reader know whether they’d like to read a book or not, it’s important to remember that any kind of slant toward Christianity will most likely warrant the author of said books a few reviews off kilter from the majority. Those would be from our wonderful readers who can only compare books to what they’ve been reading since 1950.


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