Forever Richard tours FIRST on 9/11

In case you don’t know about FIRST Wild Card Blog Tours, let me explain. It is a blog tour designed to give all authors, who don’t come right out and say they aren’t Christian, to tour. And what a wonderful thing for authors such as myself who have a host of Christian readers but can’t (and won’t) tour other Christian Blog Tours because a.) it costs too much and b.) all work is judged against CBA and ECPA standards, two narrowly targeted Christian markets. *gasp* Say it ain’t so. Sorry. It’s so.

Well, yes. It’s a tad bit early to announce this I guess but there will only be twenty-five books available and MANY that I know of on this tour have not been able to put out the cash to purchase Forever Richard. But my publisher has signed off on it and so there ya go!

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up. And for all my wonderful reviewers who tour the CFBA and FIRST together, this will be your only chance to get Forever Richard. CFBA judges books against that standard I was talking about. 🙂

I would like to emphasize for those who sign up, my publisher, The Writers’ Cafe Press, though Christian, is not CBA or ECPA affiliated and therefore is not bound to serve the evangelical market CBA and ECPA were set up to serve. While some stories my publisher puts out are more overt or rather more Biblical than others, they exude a broad Christian worldview. My stories are not overt and are written to appeal to the general market reader (Christians included.) Never Ceese was even short-listed for a Bram Stoker Award. I’ve toured FIRST before and have been more than pleased with reviewers understanding this and reviewing accordingly. Though readers of CBA and ECPA fiction seem to love my work, it was not written within the standards required by these two affiliations.

Thank-you Mimi for the chance to tour again. I look forward to it!


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