Faithwords-cutting edge Christian Fiction or blurring the line?

If I had a vote it would be blurring the line.

At the moment Hatchette books has two imprints for Christian Fiction. Center Street and Faithwords. They describe Center Street as their imprint to handle fiction for “edgier” Christian readers (translated this means CBA readers because CBA has set itself up as the Christian Publishing Industry so anything Christian is inherently designed to appeal to evangelical readers first and anyone else after that.) Faithwords is, according to Hatchette Books FAQ, “exclusively written for Christian audiences.” Again the Christian audience in publishing today is defined by CBA. So this would be Hatchette books CBA affiliated imprint.

And to further emphasize this fact, recent reviews of recent releases from Faithwords fall in line with reviews for other CBA or ECPA affiliated books. The work seems to unbelievable for CBA’s and ECPA’s audience of evangelicals and too overt and targeted for general market Christian readers.

Having said that, their Center Street imprint doesn’t seem to offer much hope either. Publishing affiliated authors such as Dekker might be one of the problems. However, I feel the biggest problem is that the Christian Publishing Industry is presently defined by an organization whose market, according to is evangelicals and some Catholics.

Amazing isn’t it?

But yes, IMO blurring the line is the order of the day. 🙂


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