Forever Richard passes the true test!

That’s right no endorsement from Publisher’s Weekly or any other first-line reviewers (that’s all a racket anyway) well, except for the outstanding endorsement from the British Fantasy Society by my own hands (and what an endorsement!) But yes, two thumbs up from Mom! I actually thought it a fluke when she read Never Ceese and then made a call to tell me she enjoyed it very much. This is a woman (though loved dearly) who often compliments by telling you what’s wrong. LOL Well, at least when it comes to her real kids, not her grand kids of course. They get the “Memaw” treatment. 🙂

The encouraging words told to me over dinner at Applebee’s, “I told Judy(my younger sister by one year) that I don’t usually enjoy these kind of stories but that girl can write.” That sound you hear is me choking on a shrimp at Applebee’s where we’d gone to eat. LOL She was on chapter 31.

So for Caprice, you’ve got another Rodney hater and Geoffrey lover and for me, I get to keep a fan. So stick that up your pipe and smoke it all you front-line reviewers who cater to authors who don’t need your stupid help.

Beat that!

You can’t so don’t even try.


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