Forever Richard causes violent reactions from readers.

Forever Richard causes violent reactions from readers. LOL How’s that for a headline? First case in point. One of my fans took Forever Richard on a family trip and read it aloud to the family (also fans.) It just so happens this family and I were traveling in separate vehicles to the same location (Pensacola Beach.) At some point during the trip, (just past Lucedale, Mississippi,) the driver of the family van, tried to RUN ME OFF THE ROAD! (All in good fun of course.) A cell phone call from the wife (I knew you’d like being called that Susan) explained that she’d just finished reading the book. “Oh yeah,” says I. “I get that reaction a lot.” LOL

On to my second example. Another friend and co-owner of the official book launch site for Forever Richard and home to Richard himself (aka Stevie Mac aka Steve McClelan aka the macster) sent me this shoutmail to explain some comments she’d made to me. This is her reply:

*Again this does contain violent content*

I loved Josh! (she said this because I asked) Loved the part when he was teasing Rodney, lol. When I finished the book on girls weekend, Adrienne was sitting by me and I threw it at her. She laughed and said “that good?” She is excited to read it too. CANT WAIT!! And cant wait to meet Cyn!

Sorry Adrienne. At least it’s a paperback book. So yeah, the ending will get you if you’re not careful . . . even if you’re not reading the book. 😉


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