A master in his own right. IMO

There were so many fine authors at the 2007 World Horror Convention held in Toronto Canada, that I hardly felt worthy. Nicholas Grawbowsky was there of course (I was one of four of his honored guest,) Brian Keene, Kelly Armstrong and the like. And so many came by the table to chat. I must say the highlight of my weekend came when a particularly sophisticated sort of chap kept coming back to talk to me. Well, being on my own, so to speak, in another country (though we do share borders) had me asking others if I should be worried. My anxiety grew when no one could tell me exactly who this individual was. Clearly, I’d asked the wrong people. LOL

Don Tumasonis of Norway was in fact an invited guest and on several panels. He’s been likened to a British spy by the very way he carries himself, and of course the accent which gave me fits trying to place just exactly where he was from only added to his mystique. Mr. Tumasonis, as I learned from googling him while we chatted, is an extraordinary award-winning speculative fiction writing. Do go look him up when you get the chance. You won’t be disappointed. You can go here to read a sample of some of his unbelievable story weaving.

Don and I spent a lot of time site-seeing and I feel extremely honored that he felt inclined to spend time with me. 🙂


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