P&E says Journey Stone not recommended!

P&E now has Journey Stone Creations listed as not recommended. Below is the exact verbage from their site. DUH! They’re shuffling MS’s to Publish America without telling authors. Gorsh! The only thing worse than that is well–in the literary world there really is nothing worse than that or more illegal. BTW, if anyone reading this blog has submitted an MS to Journey Stone, rest assured, your precious work has been shuffled on to a back-end vanity press without your consent. Actually, from what I understand there is no real label that anyone can attach to PA.

Good grief!

And for the record, I’ll have to get a lawyer to retrieve over nearly 200 stolen books from JSC as they kept that many books to try and sell despite ditching over 4000 of Never Ceese the hardback to a liquidator. Everyone of those books are mine for website work I did for them. I’ve asked for them to tell me where they are and to give me a date when I can come get them (not that I want them since they have pages missing and are pretty much falling apart) but I certainly don’t want JSC selling them to the public for RETAIL!

DON’T BUY THE HARDBACK — at least not through Amazon or a legitimate bookstore. Those are the ones JSC gets money for. I’m hoping to resolve this soon. Do feel free to buy the hardback from anyone offering at a very low price. Those are the books dumped. JSC makes no money of off these. Actually why would anyone pay retail when you can get one for $2.00.

20 May 09 – Journey Stone Creations, LLC: Not recommended. A publisher specializing in children’s books.


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