YIKES and oh my!

From a poster on another entry here on my blog. I’m concerned enough to respond here.

Hi Sue,

I recently sent out a children’s book manuscript to 35 different publishers, one of them being Journey Stone Creations. They sent a letter stating that they are no longer accepting, but that they sent my mani to their sister company, Publish America. Since I have heard about Publish America being a ‘not so great’ company I was pretty upset about it. FYI: Publish America is a POD! In my search for more information concerning Journey Stone, I have come across about 100 listings about you and your books.

I just wanted to say that I am really glad that you were able to come out of this with grace!

I wish you all the best!!!

I’ve come out unscathed by the grace of God. Did I read correctly? Did you say Journey Stone implied Publish America was their sister company? Somebody please report that. And Publish America is far from a POD. From what I’ve read and understand they’re a very, very, very nasty vanity press operating on their own and of their own accord.

Journey Stone was a traditional press at one time with legitimate distribution. I’m not sure what they are now.But if they’re claiming some association with Publish America I’d have to say they are very confused and desperate.

Other than that, they sold all copies of Never Ceese to a liquidator without telling me so I make absolutely nothing off sales from the hardback. I re-published my paperback myself to remedy this. I’ve posted blogs about the situation so hopefully my wonderful book won’t be associated with that particular company much longer.

You can report Journey Stone to WritersMarket.com if they still have them listed as a traditional press. That will help other authors not get burned. WritersMarket will take them off the list. 😉

Once again, I’d appreciate if no one bought the hardback. I don’t make any money and I understand that pages are missing and books are falling apart. The paperback is being distributed through Ingram and Spring Arbor.

The ISBN is 9780976994701


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