Still giving run-around.

Yes. Once I realized readers who favored CBA and ECPA fiction liked my books as well I went about finding ways to make it easy for them to find my work. seemed to be the webiste to be on but sadly they seem to have their own agenda or at least from what I can tell.

Doesn’t seem to matter if your publisher claims to be a Christian publisher, it doesn’t even seem to matter if your work has been approved for distribution through Spring Arbor. Apparently you have to either be published by a CBA or ECPA affiliated publisher (targeted Christian material) and/or be selling enough books already for them to see money in carrying your non-affiliated Christian work such as The Shack.

I was told one time all I had to do was have the publisher contact “them.”

A. They never tell you who “them” is.

B. And that’s even if you’re a publisher. (non-affiliated of course. :))

Anyone know how to get around the run around?


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