The Christian Ghetto.

Lovely term, isn’t it? I didn’t create it though. I’d never even heard the phrase until I started trying to find more ways to get my books to a particular audience of readers who seemed to be enjoying my work.

I found the term to be a bit derogatory and offensive and researched to learn more. Apparently the term came about as a way to define writing, music, art etc . . . overtly dealing with the Christian market–for the Christian market, Catholic,protestant, you name it.

In the writing arena, fiction produced by the larger Christian publishers, or rather work produced by CBA and ECPA affiliated publishers (and a handful of other publishers who produce fiction for other Faiths not covered by CBA and ECPA) fit this bill. The fiction these publishers turn out is not designed to appeal to general market readers thus the term Christian Ghetto.

In the beginning I was thrilled to have the support of CBA and ECPA market readers and I’m still thrilled. I simply want to make certain it’s understood that my work is simply general market fodder equally enjoyed by readers from a very specific market.

Readers interested in both Never Ceese (the re-published paperback ISBN# 9780976994701) and Forever Richard (autographed copy available at can find my books where ever books are sold. As an added bonus, because of the attention my stories have received from readers of the Christian market, my publisher and I have submitted and qualified for distribution through Spring Arbor.


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