Paperback of Never Ceese finally available!

I’ve gone through Lightning Source to make my self-published paperback available to those who wish to purchase it. I’ve done this due to Journey Stone’s change in direction that had them dumping much of their inventory, including all their copies of Never Ceese, to a liquidator.

Because of this action, I receive no compensation for any of the hardbacks sold.

If you wish to support me, or at least encourage me to write more :), please order the paperback. Presently you can pre-order a copy from and of course I’ll autograph that. In four to six weeks you’ll be order to order it anywhere books are sold. And to top it off, I just received word from Lightning Source that the paperback has been tagged for the Christian market.

How’s that!

Of course Christian bookstores exclusive to books published by the bigger Christian publishers still won’t carry it, but then, why would they, right?

So off you go now and check out the new cover. Here’s a snippit with the larger version at!

And don’t forget to order your copy of Forever Richard from so you can have that autographed as well. 🙂

God Bless,
Sue Dent


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