Christian Radio Interview & the Rise of Christian Horror

There’s a very good Christian radio interview of Christian sci-fi novelists Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr about their Christian sci-fi novel, When the Sky Fell (Silverleaf books, 2009), re-airing tonight at 10:00 PM. Here’s a note from Mike himself:

“For those who didn’t have a chance to listen to Brandon and mine’s radio interview for our upcoming book, you have two more opportunities to hear it. Not only do we talk about the book, but also the importance of promoting Christian Science Fiction. You can listen to the interview on http://www.returnoftheking/ — Sunday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Coast Time).”–Michael Lynch

I got to ask them some questions in Web chat while they are on the air. 8D

* * *

Here is a tid-bit that may appeal to the Sue Dent crowd. From writer Greg Mitchell:

“Hey, all, thought this was a little noteworthy. The latest issue of “Rue Morgue” a magazine dedicated to horror film, books, music, etc. contains an article called “The Rise of Christian Horror”. I don’t have a copy, unfortunately, but my atheist friend flipped through it (looking for my name, natch—no it’s not in there…sigh. ..) and said it looked like a pretty positive slant on the sub-genre. If any of you snag a copy, be a pal and share with the rest of us. I’m dying to know what it says. “Rue Morgue” is pretty well-respected in the horror community because it takes an intelligent approach to the subject matter as opposed to something like Fangoria that is pretty much gore-porn.If you’re looking for the issue, it’s the one that features “Martyrs” on the cover. Their site is ”– Underground Anthology contributor, Greg Mitchell

Have a restful Sunday, and great week. 8 )



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