Encountering Alien Life: Leaps of Faith

Part II of our focus on Leaps of Faith looks at another aspect of science fiction: encountering alien life.

Of course, the whole concept of Christian novelists including aliens or sentient non-humans (that/ who aren’t later discovered to be demons) in their fiction is controversial.

Just last week the topic was discussed at Speculative Faith: E. Stephen Burnett summarizes the arguments around the existence of extra-terrestrial life, as related to Christian belief, and concludes: Thus, any speculation outside of Scripture needs to be clearly disclaimed for what it is. But I would argue that even Christians speculating — even in fiction — must conform to God’s Word.

Given that many Christians agree that scripture based- and Biblical based-logic argues against the existence of aliens or Christian non-sentient beings, the concepts explored in several of the stories in Leaps of Faith appear controversial.

In “Lost Rythar,” evangelists seek to bring the Word of God to long-forgotten human colonies. (Colleen Drippé)

In “Sometimes We Lie,” evangelism takes a bizarre turn when a native-born being tries to spread an ancient human faith. (Barton Paul Levenson)

Fr. Wren wonders if a sentient tree-creature can marry into the Catholic Faith in “The Convert.” (Susanne Marie Knight)

Fr. Travener faces persecution by ministering to sentient androids in “Comprehending It Not.” (Cherith Baldry)

Why not read these stories for yourself before dismissing the possibility that Christian fiction can speculate about sentient non-human life and conform to God’s word?


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