Since it’ about selling books, I thought I’d share.


That’s what part of the retail price Amazon gets when a book sells from their site EVEN if that book is sold by someone other than Amazon. That’s right, HALF!

That’s why I’m suspicious about Amazon-USA changing the status of Forever Richard, released 01/05/09, from “out of print” to “available from these sellers” instead of also showing that the book is available through amazon-USA as well.

Forever Richard is available EVERYWHERE on the planet (and maybe even on some other planets.) Why would Amazon-USA not show that they can get the book when they can? Hmmmm . . . maybe they can make just as much money letting others simply sell it for them. That would be might guess anyway.

Please don’t forget you can get an autographed copy from the publisher at www.thewriterscafe.com for retail all day long. *gasp*

Perish the thought!

Oh yes, I’m ecstatic Amazon-USA no longer shows Forever Richard as “out of print” a status they randomly selected out of the air. Now they can finally get the money they don’t deserve for not selling a book they supposedly don’t carry (even though they do carry it. 🙂



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