Realms Publishing – who is their market?

*oops big ol’ typo in the Title of this original post — so what else is new. All better now :)*

Strang Communication, a member of the Christian Booksellers Assocition (CBA)has added a new CBA imprint called Realms publishing. From the Realms publishing site:

Discover Christian fiction that charts realms no living human has visited before. Fantasy, supernatural thrillers, time travel, spiritual warfare, futuristic fiction. Mind-stretching thrillers from the most imaginative Christian authors of our day.

CBA and ECPA readers should be ecstatic but I’d like to challenge other readers to keep in mind this work is only produced to appeal to the very specific market CBA member publishers write for just as Harlequin Romances appeal to a very specific market of romance readers.

If you’re interested in reading Fantasy, supernatural thrillers, time travel, spiritual warfare, futuristic fiction that appeal to the broader market reader, you’ll be more successful looking for work not affiliated with the CBA and ECPA market. πŸ™‚

Also, to help you in your search for publishers who write for the broader Christian market and not just that market CBA serves I’ve added a link that lists all CBA member publishers. If a publisher is on this list then you can rest assured they write for that specific market that CBA serves. πŸ˜‰

Again, you may very well enjoy what Realms puts out or any other CBA house for that matter. But the work is intended to appeal to only that very specific market of Christians that general market readers find difficult to enjoy.

Publishers who are members of CBA.

If you like the work these publishers put out then you’d most likely enjoy attending Christian Book Expo (CBE) as these are the publishers that will be there. Yes. I’m sure Strang will be there and Realms as well as will all the other CBA specific imprints owned by general market publishers such as Waterbrook, Multnomah, Hachette’s CBA imprint FaithWords, Simon & Schuster’s CBA imprint Howard just to name a few.


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